An all-in-one custodial security system, provided by Tremorfa.

The Tasicca system comprises of a number of modules which interlink to fulfil all electronic security requirements within a custodial environment.

Each of our modules can be purchased and installed separately to build on your current system.

However, Tasicca really comes into its own when the entire suite is created, adapted and installed in your custody suite as a complete system.


Step 01

Central control system is created.

Our central control system is innovatively designed to meet the demands of complex custodial environments. Consisting of robust and highly engineered commercial grade components whilst providing simplicity for users. Supported by high quality and timely maintenance to ensure system resilience and seamless operation.

Access Control

Step 02

Access control is fully monitored.

A fully monitored Access control solution, ensuring comprehensive security oversight. Our system provides a reliable, scalable, and secure solution for your building's security needs. Enabling greater functionality, the system provides remote release from the relevant desk positions via the Tasicca graphical display monitor.

Cell Call

Step 03

Cell call for all detainees

Our bespoke electronic system delivers audio communication, seamlessly connecting internal and external telephone calls to individual cells. Calls are graphically displayed on the Tasicca monitor along with audio alerts. This degree of connectivity ensures efficient and effective communication within custodial environments.


Step 04

Security Cameras overlooking area.

Our fully configurable CCTV solution offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for personalised setup tailored to your specific needs. It is robust and capable of performing well in stressful environments. It ensures a reliable operation whilst remaining user-friendly and eliminating the need for costly annual licenses. The intercom system is interfaced providing visual & recorded coverage of activated areas to enable review of incidents and to monitor footfall.

Affray Solutions

Step 05

Affray Solutions

A complete PC based system that enables the monitoring and logging all site general alarm points and display boards. Integrating both fixed and mobile affray solutions into our system guarantees comprehensive measures for safeguarding staff in diverse operational environments.


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