Clough Road Custody Suite


Blue Light Services, Custodial


Hull, Yorkshire and the Humber

Project Length:

2 Years

Clough Road Custody Suite

We efficiently completed the Clough Road Custody Suite refurbishment for Humberside Police ahead of schedule, including additional tasks introduced as variations. Our effectiveness enabled us to provide further cost-saving solutions.  

Our approach

Initial Meeting

The primary purpose of the initial meeting’s was to understand our clients’ operational needs. Business continuity was a critical issue and we helped develop a plan to enable temporary shutdown within an agreeable programme duration.

We collaborated with Humberside Police and the appointed contractor responsible for installing the cable infrastructure. This collaboration aimed to guarantee the project's completion within the designated shutdown period. 

To develop the planning process, we provided a comprehensive schedule and wiring schematics to the cabling contractor. 

Our approach

Specialist Contractors

Our client was familiar with Tasicca’s specialist security system as we had installed it at their Grimsby custody suite. Repeat business is critical for us, but we never merely repeat. Continuous improvement and future proofing are always at the forefront of our minds.

Working within strict time constraints during the station's shutdown, we aimed to complete the project efficiently to ensure the police station would resume operations promptly. Throughout this period, Clough Road custody staff operated from the forces Grimsby suite, allowing them to acquaint themselves with the system and reduce the training period 

To minimise disruptions during the system's activation, we implemented a soft-landing process. This approach ensured that any encountered issues had immediate support from trained professionals, thus mitigating potential disruptions as the system went live.   

As another contractor was responsible for installing the cable infrastructure, we could focus on installing our equipment and sequentially activating the systems in different areas as the cabling work progressed.

We completed the project within the allocated budget and finished three weeks ahead of schedule. This early completion allowed us to provide Humberside Police with a cost-saving arrangement, aligning with the actual timeline rather than the initially estimated one. 

Our approach


The project was completed on time and within budget. Humberside police were impressed with the improved functionality of the system. With continuous improvement in mind, our client allocated an additional budget to implement enhancements in the Grimsby Custody Suite.  

This project's success further solidified our relationship with Humberside Police. Tremorfa are proud to work with Humberside Police supporting the force to deliver quality custodial operations at both their custody facilities. 

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