Melksham Custody Suite


Blue Light Services, Custodial


Melksham, Wiltshire

Contract Value:


Project Length:

16 months

Our Approach

Melksham Custody Suite

Designing, installing, and commissioning a security package including electrical and fire systems, for a significant refurbishment at Melksham’s custody suite.

Wiltshire Police required a specialised security system that could seamlessly integrate CCTV, Affray, Cell Call, Intercom, and Access Control into a user-friendly and efficient system. Tremorfa’s specialist security team worked closely with the client to deliver a tailored solution that met the forces specific needs.

Our Approach

Early Engagement

Early engagement with the specialist security provider is critical on custodial projects. Here, we aim to understand the client’s requirements and support them with expert advisory from our in-house team. We deliver a straightforward and intuitive system which enables officers and staff to keep everyone safer within the custody suite. The team are comfortable working with architects, contractors, and the client team at early RIBA design stage to develop and deliver precisely what the client needs.

Our Approach

Specialist Contractors & Process

Our role as a specialised contractor is to address the intricate security requirements of the site, aligning with both customer needs and relevant policy, procedure, and legislation.

We manage all aspects, including design, installation, and commissioning, leveraging our in-house resources throughout the entire process. On this project this included electrical and fire installations.

Collaborating with the client, we developed a cause-and-effect matrix to optimise the security system for Wiltshire Police. Our approach is highly personalised, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of the client and ensuring the delivery of a precise and effective solution for each site. Every project is uniquely customised to the client, ensuring that it is built to their exact specifications.

In projects when the client employs CCTV and Access Control products throughout their estate, we take a proactive approach by engaging with relevant suppliers. We ensure our engineers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to correctly install and maintain the equipment.


Our Approach


The project was successfully completed in 2024. One specific aspect that Tremorfa is proud to supply is a robust training and “soft landings” package.

Once we have delivered system training, we then supply a floor walker to support the operational teams at project “go live.” Because we know policing is 24/7 & 365 our soft landings expert supports teams working across all shift patterns. This provides valuable real time support to staff within the building night and day.

Experience has taught us that supporting practitioners in the new environment, helps embed the capability and supports project success

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